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Custom Print Policy

This “Custom Print Policy” has been created to protect both DF13 Skateboards (referred to as “DF13”) and the DF13 Skateboards client (referred to as “Client” throughout this document).


DF13 Skateboards will, upon request, design artwork for the client’s project at no cost to the client.  The client may also provide artwork for their own project.  However, due to the nature of artwork, logos and copyrighted material, the following procedures regarding artwork is necessary:

DF13 Skateboards cannot reproduce copyrighted materials or logos.  These include other company’s logos, other sports team’s logos, cartoons owned by other company’s or entities, and/or copyrighted photographs.  This includes artwork brought to us by a client or artwork we are requested to design.

If there is copyrighted material included in or requested in the artwork, the client must provide a copy of written permission from the copyright holder for the work to be reprinted, reproduced, or included as part of another work.

As stated, DF13 Skateboards will, upon request, design artwork for the client’s project and there will be no fee associated with this.  However, in order for DF13 Skateboards to waive this fee, the project MUST be printed by DF13 Skateboards.   Below are the exclusions, limitations and process in which this is handled.  This procedure is in place to help protect DF13 from designing free artwork for clients who do not intend to have DF13 print their project.

a. The client will be required to pay an artwork fee up front before any artwork is designed by DF13. 

b. If the client orders their print items from DF13 within 30 days of the completion of the artwork, then this fee shall be deducted from the overall print order in order for the artwork to be considered free.

c. If the client does not order within 30 days of the completion of the artwork, then this fee and will be retained by DF13 and WILL NOT be deducted from the overall print order.

DF13 retains the rights to any artwork created and/or designed by DF13 unless the artwork fee is paid.  This includes any arrangements made between DF13 and the client to waive the fee completely.

a.  In order for the client to obtain rights to the artwork, the artwork fee must be paid.

b.  When the artwork fee is paid, DF13 will provide a “right to reproduce image” document in addition to source art files.  Until that time, permission must be obtained from DF13 prior to any company reproducing the artwork DF13 has created.

c.  Failure to obtain one of any two;  a “right to reproduce image” document, or consent from DF13 prior to reproduction of artwork will result in the action being deemed copyright infringement and/or "theft of services" upon DF13’s knowledge of the reproduction of the artwork.  At this time, if an artwork fee has not been paid, one will be assessed and billed to the client in an attempt to avoid litigation.  Refusal to remit payment of the artwork fee at this provided opportunity will result in DF13 Skateboards seeking a legal solution.

Upon completion of the client’s project, any balance due will need to be paid before DF13 releases the product to the client.

a. If payment is not made upon completion, DF13 will retain the product for 30 days.  This gives the client the ability to pay for and get their product any time during this 30 day period.  At the end of the 30 days, the client will forfeit any deposit made and DF13 will discard, donate, or sell the product upon DF13’s discretion.